The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the word will know peace.

- Mahatma Gandhi

community peace offering project

YKNA has been invited to participate in the Peace Studio’s 100 Offerings of Peace Project along with artists from around the world to create original works that reflect what peace means to them.  The Peace Studio has been releasing these offerings as a steady stream of online content from July 1 and will continue until November 1, 2020.  Their mission coincides with the YKNA’s mission to use the artistic process to inspire people to consider the everyday actions that they can take to be agents of positive change. 


The YKNA Peace Offering is rooted in the cultural tradition of coastal societies where a variety of offerings from floating lights to leaves and flowers are sent out into the rivers and seas. These offerings are a ritual of hope and restoration and a prayer for peace. 

YKNA is facilitating a community offering which will take place at the Damrich Rowing Center on Oakton Street on October 4, 2020.   An open call through the YKNA Advisory Council and a number of community organizations including Family Focus, Open Studio Project, Dear Evanston, Evanston Public Library, Kids Create Change, Evanston Made and others will help to ensure wide participation across Evanston.  We invite the Evanston community to write wishes for peace on leaves, which will be collected and joined together in different patterns and floated down the North Channel towards Lake Michigan.


The leaf offerings created by different community members will symbolize the linking of each voice in a way that connects individual experiences to the greater whole of family, community and cosmos.  As the pieces will be distributed on the water, all contributions will be made from natural materials and will be ecologically responsible. 


Materials are provided!  

How to Participate:

Catalpa leaves will be distributed to participants to write their

message of peace on the leaves.


Pick up materials at these sites starting, Sept. 21: 

  • Family Focus

  • Downtown Public Library

  • Evanston Art Center

  • Open Studio Project 903 Sherman (wed & fri 12-3pm)

  • Kids Create Change

Drop off finished offerings at same sites by Sept. 28

Please call in advance to confirm pick-up hours!


Online Submissions:  If you are unable to retrieve a leaf, you can still submit messages of peace and one of our artist partners will write your offering onto a leaf and include it in the project.

You can add your peace offering below in the comments section, post it on our Instagram

@kindnessinactionevanston, or email your offerings to  

Community Peace Offering Launch

On October 4, 2020 between 10am-1pm, the peace offerings will

be launched from the Dammrich Rowing Center on the Northshore

Channel and will float towards the lake.  Due to social-distancing

restrictions, we cannot invite all participants to the Dammrich 

Rowing Center dock on October 4th, however participants can

observe the offerings as they float through the channel from the

various Evanston bridges!


Volunteers Needed!

We will need a few volunteers to help write offerings on leaves,

create offerings, and release them into the channel.  

Please contact us if you are interested!

For more information about the community peace offering project please contact: Indira Johnson.

Peace Mural, Public Art Project

Nashville, TN

Need Some Inspiration for your Peace Offering?

Below are some prompts and questions to help you reflect on what peace means to you and to think about what individual action you can take to encourage peace in our community. 

  • Peace can do many good things, but most of all it can do this…

  • Wanting Peace makes me care so much about…

  • When I think of Peace, I think of the time when... 

  • The last time I heard someone mention Peace it was…

  • Do Peace and Justice go together?

  • Experiencing Peace inspires me to...

  • When I look out my windows and see the beautiful sun, I want peace so badly that I…

  • We’re not even where we should be because Peace is…

  • I predict that Peace will be…

  • Peace makes the loveliest landscape out of…

  • I feel connected to Peace when…

  • Peace is something I understand in my life because I experience...

These peace offerings can be written on the leaves as part of the project, or added to the comment box below.  You can also post them on social media, have kids chalk them on the sidewalks, or make posters/signs that can be displayed in windows and public spaces.  

Online Peace Offering Submissions

If you are not able to obtain a leaf from one of our partner sites, you can share your peace offering with us and we'll add it to the project for you.  Use the comment box below to add your peace offering.