“Kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”

kindness in action:

city-wide art project

The Kindness in Action City-Wide Art Project is a year-long participatory art and installation project that will engage the community-at-large in hands-on collaborative art making, and encourage dialogue around kindness and nonviolent action in the community.  

Kids Create Change will be hosting art making workshops in locations throughout Evanston from January-December 2020.  We'll be partnering with various Evanston programs to facilitate workshops in different sites around the city, with multiple locations in all 9 wards in order to promote access and inclusion of all community members.

The first workshop will take place at the Evanston 2020 Year of Kindness and Nonviolent Action kick-off event in January.  At the end of the year, all of the art work from each site will be brought together to create a final large-scale installation for display at the initiative's year-end celebration in December.

Visit our events calendar or sign up to receive announcements on when and where workshops will be taking place so you can attend one near you!  Workshops are free of charge to all participants.

If' you'd like us to do a workshop at your site contact us!


workshop description

The Kindness in Action workshops involve 2 activities where participants have the opportunity to work both individually and collaboratively.  The materials and activities are designed to accommodate all ages and abilities, and include variations that will appeal to older teens and adults as well.   The 2 activities will be: 1) Creating Kindness Cards and 2) Wrapping Connection Sticks.


Creating Kindness Cards

Participants are given 4.25” X 5.5” blank cards and invited to draw an image inspired by kindness, write a poem about kindness, or write a response to the prompt ‘Kindness Is…’ using art materials that we will provide: pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, gel pens, collage materials, scissors, glue sticks, etc. 


Wrapping Connection Sticks

Once they have finished their kindness cards, participants are invited to help wrap branches with yarn.  These branches can be worked on collaboratively, and when finished will be connected using wire and twine, to create a structure that will serve as a mini-installation on which the completed cards will be hung for display.  The installations will remain on-site at each workshop location throughout the year with a small set of cards and art materials so that other visitors to the location can add to it after the workshop ends.

Art-Bombing Kindness

To encourage kindness based action to occur beyond and between the workshops, we offer participants materials and tools that they can take with them to keep kindness in action going. We call this effort “Art-Bombing Kindness” in Evanston.  Participants will come away from the workshops with ‘Kindness Kits’ which will include buttons and stickers to spread kindness messages, pay-it-forward ideas, and tools for promoting kindness in action in the community and on social media.  The goal of these kits is to create momentum from one workshop to the next, empowering the participants to continue the work beyond the workshops, and inspiring a kindness movement throughout the city. 


Join Us and Follow Us

We are documenting all of our workshops and art bombing actions on Facebook and Instagram to promote the Kindness in Action City-Wide Art Project, and serve as a vehicle for spreading the kindness movement throughout the city.  We will be updating it with art work created in the workshops, adding photos of button and sticker sightings throughout Evanston, and we will be ‘tagging’ (both physically and digitally) the programs, groups and organizations that are doing work related to kindness and nonviolent action in Evanston.

Tag and share kindness whenever and wherever you see it happening in our community!

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