We develop community projects that promote kindness, nonviolent action, social justice and peace.  We also endeavor to help spread the word when there are programs and projects that have a similar mission.  Subscribe to our website and follow us on social media to receive announcements and happenings in the community.

Community Peace Offering Project

October 4, 2020

Join us in a traditional peace offering practice where leaves and flowers are sent out into the rivers and seas as offerings of hope, restoration, and a prayer for peace.   This project invites anyone in the community to write their wishes for peace on leaves, which will be collected and joined together in different patterns and released in the channel to float towards the lake.


The YKNA Peace Offering is part of the Peace Studio’s 100 Offerings of Peace Project using art as a catalyst to foster dialog about peace and non-violence.

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This summer 2020 we helped transform E-Town into a citywide art gallery!

The City of Evanston, D65, Evanston Made, local organizations, and residents across the city worked together to get EVERYONE making art. All ages, abilities, skill levels and disciplines on every street, in every neighborhood.  

Together we “art-bombed” Evanston with homemade art, signs, banners, sculptures, installations, chalk art, performances, etc. to honor our front line workers, spotlight our community helpers, celebrate our graduates, and more!  

Check out the images below to see some of the art created throughout the city!

'Every major social movement throughout time has integrated art and activism.'

Steve Lambert

Center for Artistic Activism

Kids Create Change, run by local artists Melissa Raman Molitor and Angela Lyonsmith, believes in the power that young people possess to effect change and work to engage them in community development through art.  They have a weekly blog filled with ideas and inspiration for art making

with kids at home!  You can also find sources

for addressing feelings and emotions in

creative ways, and engaging kids and

families in art making activities that can

encourage conversation about some of the

difficult or challenging topics surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, racial equity, and social justice.

Click here to check it out!

Photo & Art by @cynthiakerby.trueideas

Evanston artist Cynthia Kerby created these awesome signs to thank our tireless, fearless postal workers!  Here are the directions and a link to the signs so that you can print them out and post them too!

Directions: Make your own shout out for our mail carriers! Decorate your mailbox. Copy and print a sign, wrap in plastic and tape it on! 


Postal Worker Gratitude Signs